Website Costs for Small Business

The cost of your website depends on the work involved, which should be guided by the expected return on investment.

Websites range from:

  • A basic web presence where you want to refer people, who can then learn more about you.
  • A more tailored website which markets your specific audience. This includes SEO and copywriting to persuade people that your product or service is superior to your competitors.
  • A website that involves a high level of graphic design and is unique in its feel and looks.
  • An online shopping/ecommerce platform.

All of our websites include what we consider to be the basic fundamentals of good web design.

A guide to our prices is given below.

How our pricing works

We don’t hide behind unclear pricing, large profit margins, reuse of work for no discount or other questionable pricing schemes.

Our work is simply charged on the time it will take us to create your website.

We do what we can to cut down your costs:

  • We use mostly free open source software.
  • We reuse code where possible.
  • We use specific well designed templates (as a starting point), so we’re not reinventing the wheel.

We concentrate our efforts where they will be most effective for your business. Such as the design of your site and page layout, market research and your copywriting/content.

Each client is unique in their product and/or service. Therefore each website is approached differently after we have learnt as much about you as possible.

Client requirements

We can do as little or as much as you want.

  • You may want us to take care of the whole website, with regular discussion and input.
  • You may want to provide your own graphics but need everything else taking care of.
  • You may want to use your own graphics and content.
  • You may have the complete design work already drawn up and now need it coding with the essential basics of good web design.

These all affect costs to varying degrees.

Guideline costs

Your website budget should be determined from your expected return on investment. We can guide you as to the right budget for your business.

Here are some broad categories of website and associated approximate costs.

Basic web presence

  • standard layout
  • you supply the main graphic or we use a stock photo
  • no tailored copywriting

In our opinion a basic website presence is rarely appropriate for any active small business that wants new business through the internet.

Typical cost is around $1800.

Custom designed from  foundation template

  • researched content targeted to suit your local market and competition
  • a mostly standard layout but customised to your needs
  • professional copywriting and layout for the home page, and optionally other pages
  • graphics supplied mostly by the client (although we can use stock photos for you)
  • an initial link building program
  • some additional features such as social media feeds

In our opinion this is the right solution for any active small business that wants new business through the internet.

Typical cost is around AU$2000-3500.

Pricing is affected by the content you need, your market, the graphics etc

Total custom look

  • researched content targeted to suit your local market and competition
  • custom layout (you may even supply us a design)
  • custom graphics
  • additional targeted content/landing pages
  • some additional features (eg social media feed)
  • an initial link building program.

Typical cost is around AU$3500-6000.

A sufficient custom look can often be largely achieved with a “custom design from a foundation template”. However, if you do need custom graphics and layout throughout, this offering can provide any look you want.

Extra features

There are some additional features that are either highly customised, or do not exist in the way you need.

For these we try to find the most economical solution. Sometimes this means licensing a commercial solution. Other times we may code it ourselves.

Because of the above it’s hard to predict the cost of these additional features. Often we can guide you to a compromise solution which offers most of what you need at a reasonable cost appropriate to your business.

ecommerce / online shopping

There are many additional options to consider for an ecommerce solution aside for all the above.

Factors such as payment methods, postage calculations and stock management can have a significant affect on costs.

As a guide a typical ecommerce solution may add $2000-$4000 depending on the other options you choose.

For a well designed website, no two clients or markets are the same and so no two websites are the same. This is also true of the budget. However we can guide you as to what is important, and what isn’t so important once we learn about your business.

Comparing costs

We are very confident in the value for money we get for our clients. When you compare costs, make sure you compare like with like.

Be careful to understand exactly what your website is going to do for your money.

We are open and honest about our pricing. If you feel another website designer is offering you better value for money, please do contact us so we can help you understand how to compare costs.