Upholstery Cleaning

Backbone Web Designs were not involved in the design or  content creation for this website.

Rather, we did the necessary work to create a website based on a design brief brought to us.

The business owner wanted a specific look and feel for his site, and wanted to target only a specific and limited audience.

The primary market is word of mouth, and the website was to act as a referal point or web presence. The prominent use of graphics and branding was a central part of the owner’s business plan.

As we promote on our website, it is important for a client to understand how to maximise the return on investment in a web design. However, if direct return on investment isn’t the primary concern, and the client is fully informed when making that decision, it is quite valid to depart from established design practises.

For us it is a good result to have a customer happy with the implementation of their design, while at the same time having allowed us to educate them as to the potential limitations it has.

We have also worked with the client on ways to increase the performance of the site and the return on investment in the future, should that become necessary.

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