Plumbing startup

Melbourne Plumbing Systems is a new business startup trying to establish itself in the local market.

The site as it stands (October 2015) is the initial results of our analysis of the business, market and competition.

The owner is following our advice for ongoing development of the site, while we monitor progress and the return on investment.

The site is a good example of a clean and focussed website incorporating many of the design principles we talk about.

Imagine you are in need of a particular plumbing service. Open up a few plumbers websites, and compare them to Melbourne Plumbing Systems. While by no means will every visitor become a customer, you should find this business near the top of your list for potential plumbers.

To understand why, read up on the basic principles of good web design.

Going Forward

At the time of writing, this site is very new. After 6 months we will analyse the statistics from the site and report on what further work has been done to maximise return on investment.

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