Mobile Physiotherapist

This mobile physio was having difficulty advertising her services and attracting new customers. The local market is relatively small, and there is significant competition from larger organisations.


On completing our investigation, we learned this physio has some specific niche skills. We also identified specific localities and different types of potential customers.

The business, both in person and on the internet, has a small target audience. We needed  to design the website to convert as many local visitors as possible. It was important to get a good initial return on investment to demonstrate how  further investment would later get more clients.

We designed a website with layout, structure and content aimed at targeting potential customers not yet fully convinced of the benefits of her services. We promoted her specialities and personal strengths. We also considered the age group of her clients.

Studies suggested only around 10 potential customers per month for our initial target area. So it was important to have an effective marketing strategy and a well designed website, to get as many of these customers as possible. We anticipated a new client every two to three months.

Once achieved, there was plenty more scope for securing more customers in different stages of the purchase cycle, and in different localities.

A  customised template was used for cost effectiveness. The bulk of the effort was focussed on effective marketing.


We could gloss over performance and quote the total number of visitors to the site, and the page One Google ranking.

But the figures that are important are how many of the right kind of visitors were attracted to the site, and how many became clients.

The above graphic shows only visitors in the Sydney area. It shows 107 new visitors from the site go-live to June 2015. It also shows the average time on the site was 4 minutes.

For a website with only a few main pages at the time of writing, this shows the effectiveness of the design and copywriting in keeping people engaged in the site. In the world of the internet, 4 minutes across maybe 2 directly relevant pages is a long time.

The site owner reports 10 new clients from the website in that same period. This represents a conversion rate of nearly 10%. For an initial target of such a small audience, these results are excellent.

It isn’t possible to track the visitors from specific areas within Sydney. So the number of local visitors who could become clients is smaller, making the conversion rate, among people who possibly could become clients, higher.

Conversely we could look at the total number of visitors, who range from all over the world. However they could never become customers, and were not targeted. It’s a good demonstration of how Google rankings and the number of visitors to your site are not an accurate measure of success. For those that are interested regardless, including visitors from other Australian cities still gives a conversion rate of 7%.

With these new clients the website will already pay for itself over a few months, regardless of how you measure it!

Going forward

An effective website starts with good design and a focus on marketing. It continues with effective monitoring and enhancing to target different localities and customer types. So it’s an ongoing effort, not set and forget.

With the concept of the website established, and the investment already returned, this site is great material for ongoing work to really enhance the customer base. There is huge scope for different localities and different types of potential customers alone.

After monitoring the site, and further research, we have given the owner recommendations on the next steps to further very significantly increase this traffic. Whether the owner does this or not depends in part on if she decides to hire staff.

Here is what our client says:

Colin and Dianne were very easy to work with. They explained what I needed in my website and why. They wanted to know all about my business and the type of clients I was looking for before writing the targeted pages. I was really pleased with the layout and content writing and was surprised how quickly I was getting enquiries from my website.

– Daniela Groeschel, Physiotherapist.

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