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Web Design Albury: There are plenty of web designers in Albury who can put together a website for you in no time. But be careful not to end up with a website that looks great but doesn’t perform.

How do you decide which web designer to go with?

  • Do you choose a web designer who is located nearby in Albury?
  • Do you go with a price that you feel is right for your budget?
  • Do you choose by looks -perhaps the designer uses lots of images or image sliders?

With technology such as Skype, having a web designer in Albury shouldn’t matter. Your designer should be able to communicate with you efficiently and professionally remotely.

It’s more important to get the right website for your business.

What you pay for a website should be guided by what you expect in return. If you buy a website that looks great but has little content, it will not convert visitors into customers.

Although images and graphics are part of marketing, they are a small part and the easiest to provide. They should be there to support good quality content not override it.

Recent studies show that only 10% of visitors were interested in how a site looked.

Before you choose a Web Designer, you can find out more about how to choose the right web designer by browsing the rest of our website:

If you want to see a return on your investment you need a web designer who understands internet marketing.

A good web designer who:

  • understands that you expect a return on your investment
  • takes their time to get to know your product or service
  • understands what your customers are looking for
  • sells your solution to a visitor’s need
  • creates websites that conform to the latest best practices

Without understanding how a website must be designed to convert visitors to customers, it’s easy to decide on a web designer by cost and looks alone.

Understanding good web design

The amount you invest in web design should be guided by what you can expect in return. Not on how much it costs.

When you understand the basics of everything that goes into a good web design, you can make a better decision on how much to invest.

You can get more sales and leads by investing more in a good design. Sales you would not otherwise have had, which over time, will pay for your investment.

Creating a web page is easy. Designing one that gets you business takes more time and effort.

Best practices show that all of the following are important in creating a successful website.

Your website should :

  • immediately show what you do as soon as a visitor lands on your page
  • be user-friendly and easy to navigate
  • target the right audience
  • show you understand the visitor’s problem
  • have quality content to convince a visitor to become a customer
  • have a solution tailored to them
  • have an easy path to purchasing your product/service
  • have images that support content, not dominate it
  • be easy to use on all devices (e.g. PC, iPad, mobile)
  • be found by the search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • and more

Web Design Albury

Don’t limit yourself to a Web Designer. Widen your options and choose one that you feel will market your business to sell.

At Backbone Web Designs we want to help you make the right investment choice. We want you to understand the basics of good design, and what your investment can do for you.

Most small businesses don’t realise the marketing that is involved. They just think of a website as something ‘technical’ to be left to the website designer.

We want you to understand what it takes to make a successful website.

You can have a FREE consultation, where everything will be explained. No jargon – just plain English.

Don’t put your money into a black hole. Inform yourself. Look after your investment.

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