About Backbone Web Designs

The web design market might look like it’s saturated. The number of “designers” out there make it very hard to choose a good one.

While the market is saturated, it is not saturated with good web designers who know what it takes to design and build an effective website.

The reason is simple. Nowadays anyone can create web pages. Anyone can charge you whatever you will pay for that service. To keep costs and the entry level for “web designers” down,  the harder parts of web design are almost universally left out.

We noticed a lot of web designers hiding behind jargon and making their work sound harder than it. That makes it hard for your average person to understand what is needed to make a good website.

We found a lot of websites that lacked the essential basics. Without the basics in place, a website can just sit there looking pretty.  Bringing in no new customers or future potential customers.

We saw businesses making bad investments in websites, simply because they didn’t understand the choices. Businesses finding the cheapest website on offer, because they didn’t understand how investing more could save them money.

We formed Backbone Web Designs to help people understand what they need to make their business effective through a website. So we don’t offer rock bottom budget-priced websites with the essentials missed out. But we do offer to help you understand what you do need, and what you don’t need. We help you choose the right budget to get the best bang for your buck for your business.

We like to keep things simple, make sure people understand what they are getting for their money. We want you to be more than happy with the end result. We want people to get the right website for their business.

Backbone Web Designs was co-founded by Colin and Dianne Slater.


Colin has been in the IT industry for over 30 years. Colin’s worked as a developer on military aircraft, ATMs, PDAs and other less interesting platforms.

Later working as a development manager, sales support and various senior IT roles, until co-founding Backbone Web Designs.

In large corporate commerce, budget is important but not always paramount. Small and medium businesses are budget conscious. They need value for money. In the world of web design, you often don’t get that. This is where I think we can make a difference.


Dianne has been in the customer service industry for 30 years ensuring client satisfaction and results. She has a diploma in Business, and has studied copywriting for the web, social media, consumer behaviour and marketing.

Let us help you

We want you to feel that you can ask us anything. You should walk away understanding how your website works. Not feeling confused.

We want to make your investment in your website an exciting experience. Not a disappointment.

Only make a decision when you feel fully informed and find a web designer that you feel comfortable with.

We will talk to you in plain English and make sure you know exactly what you are getting.